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RWJF Community Health Leaders Award


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leaders Award is given to individuals who address and help resolve major health issues and health care in their local community. Since 1993, over 200 individuals have been presented with this award, including Project Lazarus co-founder and CEO, Fred Wells Brason, II. The mission for the Community Health Leader Award is to help support and sustain the awardee for their future projects in improving their community. As an awardee of 2012, Fred Wells Brason, II has committed his award to the implementation of the Lazarus Recovery Services program of Project Lazarus.


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UNC IPRC Scholarship

"Honorable Mention"

April 2011- Project Lazarus receives "Honorable Mention" for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Injury Prevention Reseach Center's scholarship for recognizing leaders in injury prevention. 


Click here to learn about the UNC IPRC program. 

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