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North Carolina Disposal Initiative

The North Carolina Disposal 

Initiative is to increase awareness, knowledge, and behaviors surrounding prescription medications and appropriate disposal methods.


Increased placement, availability, and utilization of permanent medication drop-boxes in law enforcement and pharmacies/clinics is recommended

North Carolina Locations:

Why Dispose in a Dropbox?

In order to keep family members and friends in your community safe, it is essential to properly dispose of medications so they do not become a safety hazard. Unsecured and improperly disposed of medications are the number one source of access for children, teens, pets, and those seeking to abuse or divert. When medication falls into the wrong hands, those you love can become victim to harm, overdose, and even death by misuse, abuse, or accidental ingestion.


How to Dispose:

Once a prescription is expired or no longer in use, obscure any personal information on the bottle label with a black felt tip marker so it is illegible. Take the medications to the nearest dropbox in your area and deposit the medications into the dropbox. Since some of the deposited medications may be considered narcotics, dropboxes must be placed in safe areas overseen by law enforcement; however, all deposits into the dropboxes are anonymous and no record of your deposit will be made.


What is Accepted?

Prescriptions, pain relievers, cold & flu medications, cough syrups, medicinal patches, inhalers, topical ointments, pet medications, and vitamins are all accepted in the dropboxes.


What is Not Accepted?

Needles and syringes (sharps) are not accepted in the dropboxes.
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