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Surviving an overdose is a remarkable life experience that comes with many emotions. While the initial awakening can be painful, frustrating, and even maddening due to the immediate withdrawal, you may also experience immense feelings of hope, gratitude, and possibly even sadness from what you have just lived through. No matter what your feelings are, you should know that your life is valuable and it is up to you to make a lifestyle change. The steps to take after living through an overdose may seem confusing and overwhelming, but with the right guidance and help you can make your goal a reality. Sharing your overdose story and need for help can seem scary- putting your private feelings out to someone else can make you feel vulnerable- but by connecting with another person and being honest about your needs, you can find a partner to help you along the way. Lazarus Recovery Services offers Peer Guides to help you on your journey. To learn more, please visit our Lazarus Recovery Services page. 


If you feel that you would like to connect with others who have lived what you have lived through online or anonymously, please join our Support Forum. Our Support Forum is a place where you are safe sharing and connecting with others. You may start your own bulletin threads or join in on the conversation on another bulletin thread. This is a place where all overdose, substance use, and life skills topics are welcomed. 


No specific one type of treatment works for every person. Some people may need an abstinence-based type of treatment, while others may benefit from a non-abstinence-based type of treatment. If you aren't sure at first which type is right for you, you may need to talk with a peer who has experienced both types or even experience both types for yourself.  To explore treatment options, please visit our Treatment page to learn more. 

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