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When looking at the issues surrounding prescription medications, individuals who suffer from the addiction are not the only ones affected. Families of those suffering from addiction also face many hardships, such as how to get their loved one help, how to be supportive, how to deal with conflict appropriately, and, in the case of tragedy, how to deal with the grief and trauma of a loved one's overdose. In a situation where a non-fatal overdose has occurred, it is crucial for family members to be present and supportive during the healing and recovery process. At this point, it is equally as important that all family members become educated on addiction and the recovery process to help eliminate frustrations that may arise while seeking help. A healthy support network is vital to a successful recovery journey and should be in place at all levels of the journey. 


For families who have lost a loved one due to overdose, the grief and "What if I had done this?" question can become overwhelming and exhausting. Open communication with other family members and joining a support group may help with the feelings of grief, guilt, and frustration. To join an anonymous support forum where stories may be shared, feelings can be vented, and read others' experiences, please visit our Support Forum.


In the video below, Donna shares her story of the loss of her young daughter to prescription medications that were prescribed to her daughter by a doctor. Donna's story is an example of what happens when the prescribing of medications is not properly monitored and when the cost of treatment becomes a barrier to help. 

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