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Lazarus Peer Guides, Darrell Stone (left) and Brooke Stanley (right).

Lazarus Recovery Services (LRS) is a peer-led recovery program.  Lazarus Peer Guides (LPGs) are Certified Peer Support Specialists.  LRS provides support services for those with substance use disorders (SUD) and/or seeking recovery from SUD.  LRS also provides support services for the loved ones of an individual with a SUD and those who have lost a family member or friend due to an overdose.​

​​​​Lazarus Peer Guide Services

Lazarus Peer Guides (LPGs) offer friendly companionship and successful experience navigating the pathway toward recovery. 

Lazarus Peer Guides (LPGs) have:

  • A stable recovery.

  • A desire to enrich lives.

  • Specialized training to handle a crisis, an overdose, and save lives.


LRS Discussion Groups

We realize that socializing with others who have similar conditions is comforting and healing. We have small groups that bring people together and make you feel like you belong. This is a place to kick back, put your feet up, let down your guard, and learn honest ways to process emotions. We have an assortment of group topics to fit your needs:  

Can we help you?


- Are you confused about how to stop using?
- Do you have a medical problem, such as pain,
which causes you to need assistance in monitoring
and/or taking your medication?
- Do you need help getting a job, making ends meet,
or finishing your education?
- Are you ready to make positive changes?

Overdose Survivors I & II

For those who have survived or witnessed an overdose.


Family Addiction Support & Empowerment

To interrupt negative generational cycles leading to substance use.


Adolescent I & II

For teens who are involved in or wish to avoid substance use.


Substance Use Disorders

For those needing extra help to stop using substances.


Family Overdose

Grief support for those who have lost a loved one to an overdose.  


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