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Public Awareness


There are widespread misconceptions about the risks of prescription medication misuse, diversion, and overdose. It is crucial to build public awareness of prescription medication overdose as a community issue. Project Lazarus’ message is that prescription medications must be “taken correctly, stored securely, disposed of properly, and never shared.” Project Lazarus explains to communities that while overdose is common, it is preventable. If these messages are not spread widely, the efforts developed by the coalition will have difficulty taking hold and being sustainable. Communities can develop new and creative ways to share messages and enhance awareness, as well as rely on what has been tried with success in other places. The following is a list of some of the activities and venues that can be used to improve public awareness:


  • Town Hall Meetings

  • Specialized Task Forces

  • Youth Prevention Teams

  • Billboards, posters, and flyers containing messages about prescription medications and the risks of sharing medications

  • Presentations at colleges, community forums, civic organizations, churches, schools, and military bases

  • Radio and Newspaper Advertisements


Sample Billboards for Public Awareness: 

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