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  Ordering a Rescue Kit is Easy!        

To order a Naloxone Rescue Kit, simply fill out the form below and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. That's it. To get your naloxone vials, visit your local health care provider and ask them to write a prescription for: (2) Luer-lock needleless syringe containing 2 cc of a 1mg/cc solution of naloxone. Most insurance companies cover a portion of naloxone and Medicaid covers the entire cost of naloxone. Pick up your naloxone from a participating pharmacy and add the antidote to your Naloxone Rescue Kit. Now you're ready to save lives and be saved.


If you do not have a health care provider to write a prescription, please contact Project Lazarus directly for assistance at +1.336.667.8100 or


For organizations, health departments, and law enforcement personnel wishing to implement a naloxone program please contact Project Lazarus.

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